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September 03, 2008


Jarred Lawrence Romley

For some reason your generation can't seem to get passed the abortion debate. For those who oppose it, it has become a crusade against the evil doers, and for those who support it has become an unalienable right to defend.

I believe my generation understands that it is above our pay grade to answer these types of questions, so we will just focus on more important things like buying the next iPod.


So I've been away (and away from the inter-web) for the past week and have missed this raging obama-abortion debate.

Can I recommend we read what the world's greatest living theologian has said about the issue?


The nuance provided by Hauerwas is something lacking from this discussion.

Also, Paul, don't you think you are re-repeating the same strategy that left us with George Bush for the past 4 years?? He won because 80% of evangelicals voted for him! Almost all because of the abortion issue! Do we really want a repeat of that situation? According to your logic, it was the best choice to vote for Bush in the last election! Hasn't history clearly shown us that single issue voting is a bad idea?


also, some good post on the election and abortion from a catholic perspective here:


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