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October 11, 2008



Thanks for posting this Paul. Brilliant article which articulates why I think many prefer McCain the senator to McCain the presidental candidate. Buckley's realism regarding Obama is refreshing too; I just wish my old school conservative father would be more like Buckley on this issue!

Matt K (The Bear)

It's no wonder this is happening. Conservatives can't seem to fiscally trust McCain due to statements like "we will buy up all US mortgages and allow people to refinance" (or something like that), with which he opened up the 2nd presidential debate. I'm sure most fiscal conservatives about lost it right then and there. The only other choice then is leadership capability, and 'campaign McCain' doesn't seem to compare to Obama on this front. Obama isn't the savior of America, but he does seem to be more of an appopriate leader at this historic juncture.


random news re: this...

buckley has had to resign from his job due to his endorsement of obama. mental.

Keith Giles

".....So for those of you who insist on being "single issue" voters this election, I suggest that you may do well to dig under the tired rhetoric of Republicans feverishly seeking your votes and consider the following: Why, in 12 years of a Republican-controlled Congress (1994-2006), 6 of which with a supposedly pro-life Republican President (2001-2007), has no human life amendment to outlaw abortion come up for a vote? Could it be that the GOP may have some motivating interest in keeping abortion legal indefinitely as an issue to galvanize voters at election time, winning Republicans easy votes?

"And if you actually want to reduce abortions, you may do well to note the findings in the 2008 study by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, showing the role that economic factors have on the decision to abort, and also how addressing those factors actually reduces abortions.
If, after all this, you still want to vote for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin - well, then, by all means do. Freedom of conscience is an important aspect of the Catholic teaching, too. But please stop acting like it's the only authentically "Catholic" way to vote; even the U.S. bishops disagree."



Thanks for linking to that Keith! Great article.

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