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November 04, 2008



way to go barack. Hope you make a fine pres. wish we had you here in Canada instead of Harper.


I think I've only been slightly less skeptical than you in regards to the whole Obama phenomenon, but after watching his speech on tuesday night, I couldn't help but feeling like something utterly historical was taking place, and looking back, this may be a moment at which we recognizes the United States changing forever. Over the past 8 years it's been a struggle for me to feel at all 'proud' to be an American, but as the tears filled my eyes tuesday night in the midst of this historic event, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for our nation; and I think this was supported wednesday morning with the overwhelmingly positive global reaction to this.

Lets just hope that he's held accountable to the massive amounts of young people and previously a-political individuals that got him where he is now.

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